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Spur Gear Precision-molded spur gear are made from XRAY’s exclusive composite material, ensuring true running, super-quiet operation, and robustness for handling powerful motors. A range of optional spur gears for fine tuning is available. Lateral damper side tubes replace the side shock for smoother and more consistent operation. Voting tracks will be possible from any of the 4 servers using the !votetrack command. The narrower chassis & rear pod allow the composite rear pod links to be placed centrally, resulting in better steering response and side-to-side weight transition. The steering servo is located in a lay-down position for lowest CG at the chassis center, and the layout of the chassis allows the batteries to be placed either frontwards or rearwards. Wheel Axles.Ultra-precise wheel axles CNC-machined from premium HUDY Spring Steel™ are additionally hardened and hand ground for precision fitment.

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Regards,[RC] Team Happy Birthday Posted by GeorgeForeman on August 27, 2014 22:40 Hello cruisers out there, On this Sunday [RC] will have it’s 2nd anniversary. To celebrate our birthday with our cruisers, we have put together a lot of events for the whole weekend. The layout of the electronics and position of individual sections of the car were designed with optimum weight distribution and balance in mind. Optional aluminum 0.5mm and 1.0mm eccentrics are used to set wider or narrower track-width. The tiny yet robust servo saver protects the servo from impact damage. The rearward position was redesigned to allow battery to be placed even more towards the rear of the chassis.

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Fast & easy adjustment of front caster, track-width, roll center and ride height via included shims and clips. Currently we have a server available for each track. The fork still didn’t dive or wallow under braking or pedaling. Lowering the air pressure from 80PSI to 75PSI¬ and the air volume did this. Strong, simple, yet refined front suspension made from strong, lightweight, self-developed composite material. Ride height is easily adjustable using included eccentric rear axle bushings, as well as adjustable shock preload for middle ride height adjustment.

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The CNC-machined chassis is custom-manufactured from stiffer 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing. Based on the industry-standard cSt rating, the new line of oils will be easy to identify, adjust, and feel. This will be a big party with lot’s of prizes to win. The combination of traditional XRAY orange & black coloring gives the car the perfect look. Aluminum rear hubs are machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, specially lightened and black-coated for stylish looks. Antenna Mount. A tiny lightweight antenna mount secures the lightweight yet strong molded fiberglass rollover antenna. The rotation will happen at the same time, in the same way as server #1. [RC] Reality Cruise 3This server will be running the S3 track – Rockingham. It will not rotate to any other track.

The graphite brace now works as a battery backstop. The rear differential features high-grade precision carbide balls for spur gear, hardened and precision-ground D-steel shims, and premium carbide axial thrust bearing. There are two ways you can adjust the fork beyond the external dials: Bottomless Tokens are plastic air volume spacers that can be added or removed to change the spring curve. This array of servers will be reduced in size to 4 servers: [RC] Reality CruiseThis server will be running a voted track. The new rear pod was redesigned along with the ultra-narrow chassis and along with the new position of side springs.

Perhaps with more time I could improve on the setup a little more, but one thing is for sure–I think it would be hard to make a dog’s dinner of the fork. Fully adjustable front camber, caster, and toe; front & rear track-width, front & rear ride height, front & rear springs, rear shock absorber, rear downstop, pod damping, battery position, pod weight balance, and chassis tweak. The XRAY Web portal features up-to-date racing news and latest product developments. If you have any questions, problems or comments, you can ask the XRAY Support Team or any XRAY Factory Team Driver on the XRAY support forum. Since no air can be introduced into the system, the fork’s guts clean and contamination-free and damping performance is super consistent. The straight side springs have more consistent and smoother compression which results in smoother out-of corner exiting, and reduces the chance of traction rolling. XRAY Orange The majority of aluminum parts are orange anodized for a better, more distinctive XRAY design look. The new side springs are straight instead of conical, which helps improve the side traction and handling of the car. Ball-Bearings. A full set of 10 high-speed, blue-sealed and steel ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency.

The former is a piece of cake and the latter is a little more technical. Check it out here Regards,[RC] Team New WestHill – Official patch 0.6H Released – Update in game now! The previous Boxxer was the best RockShox was able to do at the time, but over time engineers have discovered and created ways to refine and progress their processes and products. The fine-threaded shock body allows for quick and easy shock spring preload adjustment. The lower suspension arms feature smart eccentric aluminum inserts which allow quick & easy changing and setting of track-width depending on track conditions. How well you perform in completing jobs and your overall driven distance, will determine the ammount of cash you will be able to put into your bank. For a number of years RockShox’s RC2 DH dampened forks, have had a lot of external dials – high-speed, low-speed, beginning and ending stroke rebound– but RockShox has gone back to basics for the new Boxxer.

The outer aluminum tube and inner Delrin® tube operate ultra-smoothly. The full-color instruction manual contains large 3D illustrations for easy comprehension. XRAY’s VIP Customer Treatment. Updates to server format Posted by Povo on July 11, 2016 21:33 Hello cruisers out there, During the next two days (today and tomorrow) we have planned to change the format of the RC servers. Chassis features predrilled holes for the servo mounts on both left and right side which allows the placement of the servo to balance the car as necessary. Posted by DopeyD on April 2, 2015 21:30 Hi All, The New WestHill Official patch 0.6H has been released, of which all RC servers are now also running this latest patch. The quick adjustable Ackermann positions can be adjusted by adding/removing shims between the servo and servo holders. Charger uses an expansion bladder system so that when oil is displaced throughout the full range of travel it is accommodated in a fully sealed environment.

  • Then I added the Charger Damper upgrade kit and hit the same trails again.
  • The old fork felt wooden, notchy and dead, and while I’m not going to say the older Boxxer was the best downhill fork out there, I’ve never considered it that bad.
  • The Charger Damper is one of those products.
  • The new Boxxer has some changes, but if you have an existing Boxxer and want to simply upgrade it you can.
  • For $379 RockShox will sell you the Charger Damper kit which will replace the damper in any 2010-2014 35-millimeter-chassis Boxxer Race, Team, RC, R2C2 and World Cup. 2015 Boxxer: Ride ImpressionsOn day two we were handed a bike with the all-new Boxxer.

Tiny yet strong HUDY Spring Steel™ upper pivot balls ensure smooth, bind-free operation, while composite lower pivot balls allow the front suspension to operate smoothly. The ultra-finely finished shock shaft with precise-molded composite shock piston ensures optimum shock oil flow and smooth shock absorber action. A simple yet smart shock construction allows for quick and easy shock-length adjustment for rear pod downstop adjustment. Reactive caster settings available using 2.5°, 5.0° or 7.5° eccentric bushings. Torsional stability has been increased, resulting in increased grip while eliminating tire scrubbing in high-speed corners. You can even upload your own set-up sheets or download from the largest RC set-up database at the exclusive XRAY Virtual Set-up Sheet Database. The composite shims included in the kit come in three different sizes: 3x6x1, 3x6x2 and 3x6x3. Ackermann influences the steering of the car, and therefore it is important to make it an adjustable feature.

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