Руководство по обслуживанию dodge ram 1500 2013 на русском языке

Brake fluid leak ¶ Improper brake fluid levels may lead to air entering the brake lines. This temperature increase could cause an otherwise functional battery to boil over. To diagnose a faulty alternator, use a multimeter to measure the voltage across the battery leads while the car is running. An ideal alternator output voltage is around 14-15 volts. Try replacing the fuel filter. If the problem persists, contact a mechanic. Characteristics of an overfilled battery include poor voltage and an inability to charge to full capacity. Refer to the fuse replacement guide for additional information on fuse removal and installation. Excessive oil use (more than one quart every 3000 miles) ¶ Loose oil drain plug ¶ Check for excessive oil residue on or near the oil drain plug. Dead battery ¶ Dead batteries can no longer provide enough current for the starter to turn over the engine. Warped rotors ¶ The first sign of a warped rotor is usually obnoxious vibrations in the steering wheel while braking. Впечатления — да отвратительные впечатления (а все так хорошо начиналось)… При покупке очень понравился, нравилось почти все.

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Battery cranks starter very slowly ¶ Dead battery ¶ A dead battery will fail to provide enough current to the starter to turn over the engine. После 10 раз непрерывных бесплатных обновлений, нужно купить ежегодное обновление для USD350. в год. Always be sure to have your wheels rotated and aligned regularly. Например: Если вы покупаете V2.3, то вы можете обновить до V3.3, бесплатно. Bent wheel rim ¶ Wheel rims are occasionally bent by collisions with objects in the road. Fuses prevent malfunctioning equipment from drawing too much current and causing a wire amperage overload. Bent rims are difficult to repair, so it’s usually better to replace the wheel. Contact dealer for most current information * EPA Estimates Only. WHAT WE BELIEVE BULLY DOG BIG RIG Need more power and fuel economy for your over the road truck? We have you covered with our market leading Big Rig product line of electronics and hard parts. FIND OUT MORE.

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Bent rims often cause damaging vibrations while driving. The struts support the wheels, and when they become worn, it can tilt the wheel slightly and cause uneven damage. Eventually the pads will make a squeaking noise if they get too low. The third-generation Ram Heavy Duty won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award in 2003. Options ¶ Cab ¶ The third generation was available in six different trim lines including Big Horn, SLT, SXT, ST, Laramie, and sports package.

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This usually means there is excess fuel in your engine, which can cause further problems. There is a risk of cracking the block. DO NOT open the reservoir cap while the engine is hot! Older neoprene belts are prone to cracks and chipping, so visual inspection is simple. The reading on the ammeter should be no more than .01 amps. If there is a higher draw, consult a mechanic to find out where the leak is occurring. When in doubt, 35 psi is probably fine. Feel free to use a multimeter to test the relay, but replacing a relay is a job best left to a professional. Нет. Но ему понравится Dodge Ram. Он создает удивительно цельный образ. Dodge Ram Official Owner Manuals This is the official owner manual site from Dodge. It offers owner manuals for download from 2004 through the current model year.

Low air pressure ¶ Slow air leak ¶ If you find that one of your tires can’t stay inflated for longer than a few weeks, it is probably due to a slow air leak caused by a small puncture or an improper seating. The sixth digit should read “1,” indicating it is a Ram 1500 series. Failure to do so will result in uneven wear on the tires. Dead battery ¶ Older batteries often suffer from sulfur buildup on the electrodes, forcing them to work harder. Refer to the serpentine belt maintenance guide for instructions on how to replace a serpentine belt. Один из… нет, просто самый приятный и удобный из всех американских интерьеров — Задний ряд просторен, но средняя сидушка отформована под ребенка И горе тем, кто покупал предыдущие версии Dodge Ram. Двигатель HEMI 5.7 л с овальными камерами сгорания прекрасно сочетается с пятиступенчатой автоматической коробкой передач. Я пробовал мотор 5.7 л на Jeep Commander и был разочарован, а в составе полноразмерного пикапа он четко на своем месте. — Надоело возить грузы? High pitched screeches when braking ¶ Worn brake pads ¶ Take your truck to a brake shop and have them check your brakes for wear. A worn brake has an indicator strip that lets you know they need to be changed by making a squeaking noise when they get too low. Просто не смогу написать даже один абзац о нелепости появления на свет подобных механизмов. Check all four tires regularly to ensure adequate inflation. Loose or dirty oil filter ¶ Locate the Oil Filter Bolt underneath the truck.

  • Finally, you could have an automotive shop perform a load test and identify which component is malfunctioning.
  • Current drain ¶ A drain on the battery is often caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment that uses current even when the car is off.
  • Eventually, this current usage could drain the battery until it is no longer able to start the engine. In order to check for a drain on the system, disconnect one battery lead and place an ammeter on both the battery lead and the exposed terminal.
  • When a starter doesn’t receive enough current, it can’t create enough force to turn over.
  • You will be able to hear the starter gear clicking against the flywheel.
  • Battery boils over ¶ Overfilled battery ¶ This step should be done by a trained specialist.
  • Faulty alternator ¶ A faulty alternator will overcharge the battery, creating a lot of heat.

The spark plugs can be accessed by removing the throttle body air intake and then removing the «Coil Overs» on each cylinder. If the old spark plugs appear dirty or damaged, replace them. Faulty O2 sensor ¶ The oxygen sensor controls the mixture of air and fuel in the fuel injector system. If the oxygen sensor is faulty, the engine will consume more fuel than necessary. If you notice a sudden drop in fuel economy, contact a repair shop. Ideal tire pressure can be found in the installation instructions or on the data plate inside the door. Try filling the tank with higher-octane fuel, or fuel from a different gas station. Навигация – американская, и специалисты из «Пикап-центра» сейчас ищут возможность ее перепрошить.

The voltage should read at least 12 volts. Low tire pressure ¶ Low tire pressure can severely impact the efficiency of your truck. This sound is either a cracked magnet or an object impeding the movement of the solenoid. Говорят, авторы внешности Dodge Ram хотели «ткнуть пальцем в грудь» каждому прохожему. К внутренностям кабины не придраться, потому что даже дурацкую американскую кочергу АКПП здесь заменили европейским напольным селектором. Pulling to one side while driving ¶ Improper wheel alignment ¶ If your truck pulls to one side while driving, or if you must turn your steering wheel slightly in order to drive straight, your wheels may need to be realigned. Consult your owner’s manual or a repair shop for the correct model spark plugs for your engine. Представительство Chrysler было уже на низком старте, чтобы начать продажи Dodge Ram, но… сегодня поклонники марки идут к «серым» дилерам. Caution: Always wait for an engine to cool off before adding water or coolant. Прибавим к этому нищенскую отделку салона, разрывающую уши магнитолу и задний ряд сидений, на который сможет влезть только форточник со стажем. ДАЖЕ ПОДВЕСКА!Dodge предлагает нечто иное.

All of our employees work on salary and not COMMISSIONS! This allows for a «No Pressure Sales Environment. Она отвратительно едет с пустым кузовом – ее трясет, как рыбака с мексиканского залива при упоминании British Petroleum. Brake systems work on the basis that liquid isn’t compressible. If compressible material (such as air) enters the brake lines, it will compromise the transfer of force from your foot to the brake calipers. Many automotive shops offer rotor machining, which allows old rotors to be reused. If the rotor is severely warped or impossible to machine, you will need to purchase new rotors. The third-generation Ram debuted in 2002 for the 1500 model. Динамика движка ниче-так, коробка — в обще супер (реакция отменная и поведение очень логичное). Салон удобный. Но… Ладно, писать не очень хочу, выложу обращение в мерс. Open the cap of the master cylinder (under the hood) and fill if necessary. “Check engine light” appears ¶ Loose gas cap ¶ Try tightening your gas cap. Worn serpentine belt ¶ A worn serpentine belt can cause various parts to slip as the engine is running. Drivetrain ¶ The third generation was available in either 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrain options. Wear eye protection and gloves when working with a hydrometer. Low fuel pressure ¶ If the engine is idling properly but the truck still struggles to accelerate, the problem may be low fuel pressure.

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