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The Tools panel contains the tools used to select objects on the Stage, create text elements, and draw vector graphics. Publishing SWF files When you are finished creating your FLA file, and you’ve tested it repeatedly, you are ready to publish it. The MovieClip API is now used primarily to traverse a timeline. First, drag the playhead to Frame 10 in the Timeline. For a Flash runtime processing ActionScript 3.0, this method returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the Flash runtime virtual machine for ActionScript 3.0 (AVM2) started. Она представляет собой справочное издание, содержащее детальную информацию о том, как создавать различные виды игр. Когда знаний и опыта накопилось достаточно (в 2011), то захотелось всем этим поделиться. Note: If you need only to traverse an object’s inheritance hierarchy and do not need the other information provided by describeType(), use the getQualifiedClassName() and getQualifiedSuperclassName() functions instead. The display list has a single stage property and a root property for each SWF loaded into the movie. Verify that only the Flash and HTML options are selected (see Figure 17). This selection causes Flash to publish only the SWF file and an HTML file with the embed code.

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The returned XML object includes not only the type’s static properties, but also all of its instance properties. Keyframes that have frame scripts display a lower case «a» symbol. Смайлы Вкл. [IMG] код Вкл. HTML код Выкл. Figure 18. Select Flash Only from the Template menu in the HTML tab of the Publish Settings dialog box. Open the Components panel (Window > Components) and drag a button component from the UI Components folder to the Stage. Second, until the movie clip instance is added to the display list, it isn’t capable of accessing the stage, parent, or root properties of the display list. You’ll use this workflow when authoring projects in Flash Professional. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details You seem to have CSS turned off.

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3.2.1 Nightly Builds (View all versions) Downloads Release Notes Dear community, On behalf of the Haxe Foundation I am proud to announce that Haxe 3.3.0-rc1 is now officially released! It is available along with the changelog at. For a Flash runtime processing ActionScript 2.0, this method returns the number of milliseconds since the Flash runtime began initialization. Example ( How to use this example ) The following example uses the class GetDefinitionByNameExample to create an orange square on the stage. ReturnsString — A string containing the fully qualified class name. The Property inspector displays contextual information about the attributes of any selected object; you can edit these options to adjust an object’s settings. Nothing I’ve added here is too sophisticated, maybe future releases of asunit could contain these extra files? Graphics in the higher layers appear to be placed on top of the graphics in the lower layers.

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Note that the parameter in the addTest call is the test class constructor using the test method name as an arguement. In the Flash IDE, File->New->ActionScript File. The first step involves creating a new document: Choose File > New. In the New Document dialog box, the ActionScript 3.0 file type is selected by default (see Figure 2). If ActionScript 3.0 is not selected, select it now. Timelines in ActionScript 3 are perceived through the notion of a display list. This function provides a quicker way of retrieving the base class name than describeType(), but also doesn’t provide all the information describeType() does. Choose Control > Test Movie to test the FLA file and watch it play in Flash Player. Then you can access the Property inspector to check that the panel refers to the selected symbol and indicates that an instance is selected. When you are finished previewing the animation, close the Test Movie window. Use of System.useCodePage allows legacy content encoded in local code pages to be accessed by the runtime, but only on systems using that legacy code page. Четыре показанных примера лишь намек, песчинка в океане тех возможностей, которые предлагают ActionScript 3.0 и Flash. Parameters value:* — The object for which a fully qualified class name is desired.

Словом учиться приходилось у других, более продвинутых «флешеров», собирая информацию по крупицам. Verify that the field says «» before you type the name of the instance. If the Property inspector refers to a frame, it means you’ve accidentally clicked the Timeline. For example, you can add code that causes a button to display a new image when it is clicked. While the Button component still selected, open the Property inspector and locate the text field at the top named . Enter the name for the button instance: replay_btn. Figure 4. The Property inspector displays the Stage size and the background color.

You can make media-rich applications by including pictures, sound, video, and special effects. After typing the line of ActionScript code in the Script window, you’ll notice that a little «a» icon appears above the keyframe in the actions layer of the Timeline. The following steps describe how to create a circle; later, you’ll use this circle to create some basic animation. This tag appears only if the ActionScript object is a class object or constructor function. The first four—GetType, GetField, GetProperty, and GetMethod—are completely free in the direct versions because there’s literally nothing to do: you just use the class like normal. Always keep the FLA file handy in case you need to make changes to the project. Figure 16. Add the stop action frame script to Frame 24 of the actions layer. You can change the circle’s direction in the middle of the animation.

Vector graphics require significantly less memory and storage space than bitmap graphics because they are represented by mathematical formulas instead of large data sets. Figure 15. Use the Selection tool to adjust the tweened animation’s motion path; rather than a straight line the edited motion guide line is now curved. When ActionScript first evolved it treated movie clips in code the same way it treated movie clips at authortime. In ActionScript 3, this isn’t the case. Notice that the second line begins by declaring a function named onClick. Figure 10. Enter a descriptive name for the symbol in the Convert to Symbol dialog box. The Learn Flash Professional show on Adobe TV provides an entire set of video tutorials that illustrate what you can do with Flash. Use the Type menu to select the Movie Clip option. Position the button in the lower middle of the Stage area, or any desired location. Книга «Все о массивах в ActionScript 3.0» познакомит Вас со всей необходимой информацией, касающейся массивов.

ReturnsString — A fully qualified base class name, or null if none exists. Related API ElementsclearTimeout() Example ( How to use this example ) The following example uses the setTimeout() method to call another method following a specified delay period. The getQualifiedSuperclassName() function, however, ignores the class object hierarchy and returns the superclass based on the more familiar instance hierarchy. Experiment with editing the animation by changing the shape of the motion guide path. ReturnsObject — Returns a reference to the class object of the class specified by the name parameter.

Download the asunit framework zip file from sourceforge and copy the contents of the as3 directory into your AsUnitExample directory. When you review the Timeline of a FLA file, you can locate scripts and content by looking for the keyframe dots. Пока она в бесплатном доступе. Не откладывайте на завтра возможность ее получить. Naming instances can be confusing until you are familiar with the options presented for selected symbol instances and selected keyframes.

Tip: You can set the background color of the Stage in the Flash movie by choosing Modify > Document or by selecting the Stage and then modifying the Stage color swatch in the Property inspector. For the purposes of this tutorial, click the drawing mode button to select the Object drawing mode at the very bottom of the Tools panel. Even with a huge number of iterations it was difficult to even get the direct versions to register. Double-click the default layer name and rename it: Button. Make sure it is located above the animation layer. Choose a fill color that contrasts well with the Stage color. In this example, an oval with a blue fill color is displayed on top of a red Stage color. The translation of this code essentially says: «When a user clicks the button named replay_btn, run the function named onClick. When you are finished, close the Test Movie window. Tip: You can change the Target field in the top right of the Publish Settings dialog box to target different versions of the Flash Player or the AIR runtimes. Итак, какие уроки ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) и Flash уже доступны на сайте? This is the behavior of the example shown in Figure 19. Flash is extremely flexible.

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