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Silicone Spray A Tuff-Tape B Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation Tigress Insecticide No. 4 S Bison Cleaning Chemicals, Inc. Denaturants for poultry carcasses, parts thereof, or poultry products in- tended for disposal for purposes other than human food. Dis.and Air Deodorizer R Misty Waterless Hand Cleaner Cream W 4 Aero-Master, Inc. After authorization by the Laboratory and acceptance by the Technical Services Staff, they will be listed into this publication in the appropriate category. Sanitizer (B) Tripe Cleaner CD 00 Bio-Guard Strip-Kleen (C) Bio Kleen 560 (A) BIO-TEK INDUSTRIES, INCORPORATED Bio-Kleen Chlr. The evaluation of such preparations is not the responsibility of APHIS, Scientific Services nor can ‘it be performed by that group.

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Letters indicating acceptability of the compounds are issued to suppliers by the Compound Evaluation Laboratory. Employees who handle edible products may use the compounds only when leaving the plant. X. Hog scald media. Plant management must notify the Inspector in Charge when the chlorine level is increased above 20 parts per million. Detergent (A) Multi-Blue (A) Mill Spray (S) Orange Bact. Auto-Chlor Regular Cleanser…. A DS 33 F Solution CL G Solution QA G Automation Equipment, Inc.

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Агресивно для м’яких металів. 0,5-1,7 мл/1 л TRUMP EVENT* Рідкий миючий засіб для посудомийної машини, для води будь-якої жорсткості, який містить добавки хлора. After using these compounds, surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed w ith potable water before operations are resumed. G. Sanitizing solutions for all surfaces. Cyclohexylamine 10 ppm Octadecylamine 3 ppm Dietylaminoethanol 15 ppm Morpholine Hydrazine 10 ppm 0 ppm x U. Pesticides for controlled use only. Active ingredients in solutions of these compounds may not exceed the concentrations indicated on pages A2 and A3 of this publication. H. Shell-egg cleaning compounds. The denaturant must be deposited in all portions of the carcass or product to the extent necessary to preclude its use for food purposes. 7 LL. Denaturants. After using these compounds, surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water before operations are resumed. Deodor. .R Misty Ice Melt No. 795 R Misty Lavender Air Freshner…R Misty Moisture Barrier B Misty Oven & Grill Cleaner A Misty Penetrating Lubricant B Misty Pine Air Freshener R Misty Room Fogger S Misty Silicone Lubricant No. 720 A Misty Surf. Additive (L&X) Compound AD 8 (B) Tek 141 Odor Control (R) Compound IDC-30 (G) Tek 143 Malodor Controller (R) Compound L 144 (A) Tek 145 Odor Counteractant (R) Compound L 144NP (A) Tek 147 Liq. Big Job Hospital Disinfectant- Deodorant Kleer Glass Cleaner Lotion Soap Nitro-Kleen No. 20 RTU Hand Soap Open-24 Phosphate-Free Imprvd. B. L. C Pine Plus Pink Magic Professional Hand Soap Spring Mint Ster-Dyne Super Mint Tri-Action Germ.

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Requests or inquiries concerning such evaluation should not be directed to the addresses given above. Germicidal Foam Spray C2 Toledo Industrial & Maint. Sol-Vet 345 Boiler Treatment (Ml Sol-Vet 348 (M) Sol- Vet 348- X Boiler Treatment (M) Sol-Vet ”352″ (M) Sol-Vet 399 (M) Sol-Vet 421 (N) Sol-Vet 421X (N) Sol- Vet 599 (N) Sol-Vet 599D Circultng Wtr. These compounds may be used as a lubricant, release agent, or anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in locations in which there is exposure of the lubricated part to edible products. Jax Food Machinery Grease AA A Jax Magna- Plate #74 A Jax Magna-Plate #8-00 A Jax Magna-Plate No. 140 B Jax Magna-Plate No. 8 A Jax Magna-Plate No. 90 B Jax Magna-Plate 100 B Jax Magna-Plate 200 B Jax Magna-Plate 6-H B Bel-Rav Company, Inc. Compounds Which Require Evaluation Listed Compounds Compounds classified in the categories described on pages viii through xiii of this publication require evaluation by USDA prior to use in plants operating under the USDA poultry, meat, rabbit, and egg products inspection programs. Glo BK (B) Tripe Wash No. 1 (Y) Fom-it (A) Tripe Wash No. 2-P (Y) Gen. Chlorine may be present in process water of meat plants at concentrations up to 5 parts per million calculated as available chlorine. Unlisted Compounds Paints, solvents, absorbent/antislip compounds, and some other types of nonfood compounds also require chemical acceptance by USDA, but are not categorized in this publication. Such letters remain valid as proof of authorization until revoked by USDA. The final granting of authorization to use such compounds which do not come in direct or indirect contact with edible products or packaging materials is the responsibility of the Inspector in Charge at the official plant.

Выделяет водородный газ при контакте с легкими металлами. Alkaline CIPDetrgnt (A) GG Hvy Dty Liquid Alkaline Detergent (A) GG Manual Dtrgnt (Phosphate Free) (A) GG NewH.D. Non-phos Liq Aik. Eggs that have been treated with these compounds shall be subjected to a thorough potable water rinse only if they are to be immediately broken for use in the manufacture of egg products. K. Shell-egg sanitizing compounds. Dshwshr Compound- 8.7% P Form Automatic Dishwasher Compound Dish Drops Germicidal Concentrate Germicidal Concentrate Permission for the use of these compounds on loading docks and other similar areas is left to the discretion of the Inspectors in Charge of the plants. S. Pesticides for use in all departments. Germicidal Cleaner Dl Hand Cleaner & Conditioner Al Marine & Industrial Solvent A4.A8 add/N C D Inc. On-Premise Laundry Chlorine Bleach Bl On-Premise Laundry Detergent. Bl On-Premise Laundry Ex. Strnth Chlr. After using these compounds, all surfaces in the area must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. E. Scouring cleaners. Copies of the letters must be supplied to federal inspectors as proof of authorization until the compounds appear in the subsequent revision of this publication. Powerbrite C TLC D 2001 D Applied Biochemists, Inc. Crystal Concrete Cleaner D Emulsion Spray Formula 79 A Liq. Срок годности при хранении: не менее 2 лет. Cavalier H.D. Drain Opener O Cavalier Power Clean A Silicone Spray A Cayuga Rock Salt Company, Inc. The publication also lists nonfood compounds authorized by the Grading Branch, Poultry Division, Agri- cultural Marketing Service for use on shell eggs. Pest Control Equipment Div. AFC Baygon Residual Spray ….T AFC General Purpose Spray S AFC General Purpose Spray Type II S AFC Silicone Release Spray A AFC Synergized Pyrethrins Spray S AFC 1-2-3 Fogging Concentrate S Bait Tickets U Formulation 120 T Gold Crest C-100 Emlsfbl. Freshly washed eggs may be sanitized with these compounds only if the eggs are rinsed prior to application of the compound. A subsequent rinse is not required . KK. Denaturants.

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