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One wonders, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? French photographer Guillaume Herbaut met the Asgarda and documented their daily life and studies. Approximately 150 women live together under the leadership of 30-something Katerina Tarnousk. The Church of Scientology said it would appeal the judgment.

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Next Thursday, September 6th, our new Ecstatic Surface Collection 2013, Scandal Aqua will be launched at Pilevneli Project in Istanbul. Leave a comment or view the discussion at the permalink. Beckett is the recipient of an Artadia Award and a Mass Cultural Council Grant. This entry was written by Pinar&Viola, posted on , filed under Dematerialization, Fashion, Glam Chaos, Information Wars, Other ecstatics, Political glam, Trending, Various, Visual ecstasy. They raise my curiosity, not despite, but because they seem to present an impossible constellation of things which I would like to discuss in more detail. Behind Jesus are the 12 apostles.The senator described the painting as “a sacrilege”. This entry was written by Pinar&Viola, posted on , filed under Art, Decadence, Folk, Political glam, Various. Yet, the pink-purplish towels keep drawing my attention, pulling me off and keeping me hypnotised at the same time. When he looked up the code, he was greeted by an unsettling revelation: the psychopathic brain pictured in the scan was his own. Think teen girls experiments with blingees.Think webcam chats.

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Partly as a result of a series of miscarriages that preceded his birth, he was given an especially heavy amount of attention from his parents, and he thinks that played a key role. Leave a comment or view the discussion at the permalink. A Kazakhstan senator was shocked to discover his face painted onto a Cathedral fresco depicting men welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem. With their ‘junk’ ingredients, Pinar&Viola managed to cook-up a nourishing haute cuisine which speaks of politics, media, and strategies of manipulation and diversion, and makes us chew on the question what it actually is that the media are offering us. And like graffiti artists in other countries, they face attempts to stop them spray-painting public buildings. Based on a design by Hubbard, the device is held by Scientologists to be a useful tool in detecting changes in a person’s state of mind. Women in Afghanistan need to be careful with every step they take.” The austere rule of the Taliban frowned upon painting and banned images depicting peoples’ faces, saying it was un-Islamic. Via This entry was written by Pinar&Viola, posted on , filed under Art, Ghetto gold, Information Wars, Political glam, Various.

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But then what is the relationship between the girls, each wrapped in one of the towels, and this man? Who is a real Iraqi and who is a fake insurgent? Maybe our desire to ‘decorate’ is not caused by fear of empty space but by “a desire to adapt a vacuum, to conquer it, to mark it with one’s presence, (…),” as this is exactly what cultivators and constructors Pinar&Viola seem to do. She worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa, before going on to earn an MFA in Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Political friendships with a long line of leaders in China, Romania, France, North Korea, South Africa and Israel (where he trained as a paratrooper) made him a widely traveled statesman. Via Teenage This entry was written by Pinar&Viola, posted on , filed under Photography, Political glam, Subculture.

The sentence was confirmed by appeal court in February 2012.-In November 2009, Australian Senator Nick Xenophon used a speech in Federal Parliament to allege that the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization. This corresponds to recent research: His particular allele for a serotonin transporter protein present in the brain, for example, is believed to put him at higher risk for psychopathic tendencies. Are the girls, all wearing the same necklace with hashtag medallion, admirers or maybe courtesans of this man? What does it feel like for a soldier to play the role of her or his enemy? Clearly, the intended users of these towels must be the wet-haired teenage Tumblr generation girls, who’s photographs, taken with their smart phones in the private space of their bath rooms, are part of the Collection too. Moreover, their rich iconography and horror vacui strategy not only conquers white, ‘unfilled’ space on a surface but also conquers empty space in a metaphorical sense: empty (political) rhetoric, superficial journalism, and information that by its sheer abundance becomes meaningless. Instead of parties in Brooklyn, gathering refugees around food aid trucks. Hipster filters; Olga and Diana and Toy Cameras wannabes super imposed on war pictures. Originally from Chicago, she earned a BA in anthropology at Kenyon College. The whole expedition can be seen at Basetrack. TL;DR version on Flickr. guest post by gui machiavelli / via Foreign Policy This entry was written by gui, posted on , filed under Digitalization, Information Wars, Political glam. Are we being occupied with sex scandals instead of the information we really need in order to build well-informed opinions and make decisions as responsible, self-empowered individuals?

Reviving the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology, the Asgarda train in martial arts, taught by former Soviet karate master, Volodymyr Stepanovytch, and learn life skills and sciences in order to become ideal women. Knowing that it belonged to a member of his family, Fallon checked his lab’s PET machine for an error (it was working perfectly fine) and then decided he simply had to break the blinding that prevented him from knowing whose brain was pictured. This is horror vacui for the affluent and well-educated consumer, Pinar&Viola’s response to the overload of information that we are surrounded with. The simulations include the use of specific architecture, objects and costumes, and Americans (both soldiers and civilians) who role-play as Iraqis and Afghans.In some respects, a visit to these places can be confusing.

Pinar&Viola take the notion of horror vacui ad absurdum; in our visually saturated environment they manage to be even louder – something I would actually not have thought possible. The faux-ravaged effects on top of vrai-ravaged people, places and things. Prosecutors had hoped to achieve a ban of Scientology in France, but due to a temporary change in French law, which “made it impossible to dissolve a legal entity on the grounds of fraud”, no ban was pronounced. Psychopathy, after all, doesn’t appear as a formal diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in part because it encompasses such a wide range of symptoms. Following our former dictator style post, hereby we present Mobutu Sese Seko, former President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”Mobutu still managed to cut a dashing if reptilian figure on the international stage. Leave a comment or view the discussion at the permalink. « Previous Entries» Next Entries.

The classic idea is that empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural, that they go against the laws of nature and physics and that hence we feel the need to fill these spaces. Resplendent in his leopardskin toque, symbol of his authority as a traditional tribal chief, the jovial dictator has had little difficulty charming nearly all U.S. Presidents stretching back to John Kennedy. Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis denied these claims and provided witnesses to rebut them.-In October 2009, a French court found the Church of Scientology guilty of organized fraud. Instead of an indie chick doing an empty and misplaced peace sign, a ten-year-old who has lived as a refugee for 4 years. Compared to a control brain (top), neuroscientist James Fallon’s brain (bottom) shows significantly decreased activity in areas of the frontal lobe linked to empathy and morality—anatomical patterns that have been linked with psychopathic behavior. These spaces are meant as imitations of reality, but they take on their own realities for soldiers on their way to a real war zone. Four officers of the organization were fined and given suspended prison sentences of up to 2 years. Think sexting.And now we’re at it anyway: think Berlusconi, and the man whose name was mentioned so often in the press that we now, with an oddly intimate ring to it, refer to him as DSK. Two men whose sexual scandals are too well-known to be repeated here. Let me list some of Pinar&Viola’s main ingredients for this project:Think pop star posters.

Via Guernicamag This entry was written by Pinar&Viola, posted on , filed under Photography, Political glam. Many of us would hide this discovery and never tell a soul, out of fear or embarrassment of being labeled a psychopath. Well, possibly, as in the 2013 Collection “dubious moral standards ornament teenage dreams,”as Pinar&Viola state themselves. Amidst the Ukraine’s high rates of sex trafficking and gender oppression, a new movement of empowered women takes form—Asgarda—a tribe of Ukrainian women, mostly students, who live together in the Carpathian Mountains seeking complete autonomy from men. These photographs were made on military bases within the U.S., in fabricated spaces designed to mimic Iraq and Afghanistan. The RPF involves a daily regimen of five hours of auditing or studying, eight hours of work, often physical labor, such as building renovation, and at least seven hours of sleep.

The PC and webcam do not only provide us a window to the world, it brings the world in as well. It is probably no coincidence that in the Domestic Affairs the curtains are open, and the weather outside looks grim. Fallon was once a self-proclaimed genetic determinist, but his views on the influence of genes on behavior have evolved. He now believes that his childhood helped prevent him from heading down a scarier path. “I was loved, and that protected me,” he says. Scandal AquaEcstatic Surface Collection 2013Thrill Seekers Leaked Collection 2013 is the third Ecstatic Surface Design Collection by Amsterdam-based graphic design duo Pinar&Viola. Hereby two images from the collection and our portrait taken by the photographer of the gallery, Isik Kaya, together with our personal video invitation and the text written by the curator of Cobra Museum, Hilde de Bruijn.We hope to see you with us at 7pm at Pilevneli Project. And personally, I even felt a bit revolted by the idea of pressing the image of that overly self-aware looking, slick middle-aged man with fake smile who is at the heart of each towel’s composition, to my freshly showered body. Shamsia Hassani and her friend and fellow artist Qasem Foushanji are Afghanistan’s first street artists who use graffiti to chronicle violence and oppression. The war presented in the language of the self-absorbed generation. Hilde de BruijnAmsterdam, August 2012 i All Pinar&viola citations come from email and skype conversations that we had between June 2012 and August 2012ii See note iiiii Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website. They banned cinema, music and theatre outright.Both Hassani and Foushanji said that stigma translates into harassment and disapproval from government officials.

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