Инструкция на нетбук acer aspire one

Secure Digital, MultiMedia Cards, and Memory Sticks are the common types of cards accepted. Once you see what’s out there, you’ll have the information you need to pick the system that’s best for you. Once you get your netbook online (Chapter 5, Getting Online), you can copy files to it over a network, from an online storage site, or by emailing them to yourself. Low-power, low-cost processors are the heart of a netbook’s motherboard. Eject the external drive and connect it to the netbook.On the netbook, repeat the wizard-summoning by choosing Start→All Programs→Accessories→System Tools.Click Next and tell the wizard that this is your new computer by clicking the button next to New Computer.

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Ноутбук Acer Aspire One ZA3 поступил к нам с проблемой разъема питания, требует пропайки. Peripherals like printers and external CD drives work predictably on Windows XP, thanks to years of companies designing products just for XP.Software compatibility. Intel’s Atom and VIA’s Nano are the two most common, with other chip shops like AMD developing versions as well. The average netbook still has plenty of ports for plugging in external devices like USB flash drives and printers, connecting the netbook to a larger screen, or even hooking up audio equipment. Windows XP is user-friendly, but it’s large and hogs more processor power than many versions of Linux. As a result, an XP netbook may seem a bit poky compared to a Linux system that’s been fine-tuned for running on a netbook.Security. With their energy-minded processors, lack of disc drives, and smaller screens, netbooks generally consume less power than their larger laptop cousins. Отворачиваем 1 винт на крышке, закрывающей модуль памяти. Locate the photo you’d like and then click Open.In the Style pop-up menu, you can adjust the way the photo looks onscreen by centering it, zooming in, scaling it, or tiling it.Click Close when you’ve made your selection. Also known as an RJ-45 jack, this rectangular port awaits when there’s no wireless signal. It looks like a wider version of the RJ-11 jack on telephone cords and old dial-up modems, but the Ethernet jack is wider and—compared to the misery of dial-up connections—much, much faster.Media card reader. While these processors are generally not robust enough for high-def video-editing or graphic-heavy games, they’re just fine for tasks like surfing the Web, watching YouTube videos, emailing, and word-processing.Batterys.

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Your files are electrically stored in memory cells without the need for spinning platters, magnetic heads, and other moving parts. Жесткий диск извлечем, потянув влево за черный язычок. When that’s done, your next steps are:On your old XP machine, summon the wizard by choosing Start→All Programs→Accessories→System Tools.The Wizard box pops up and asks if this is your old computer or the new one. Переворачиваем ноутбук и извлекаем клавиатуру, отстегнув инструментом защелки. More than a million viruses and other pieces of malicious software prowl around the Internet, waiting to infest unprotected machines. Depending on the netbook model, battery life can range from under two hours to over seven hours. If you expect to be traveling a lot and don’t want to fight other passengers for airport recharging stations or the spare wall outlet at the gate, pay attention to battery life. Compared to Windows, Linux generally saps less of your netbook’s power, starts up quicker, and takes up less hard drive space.However, Linux isn’t for everybody. Целью данного разбора нетбука Acer Aspire One KAV60 является техническая чистка системы охлаждения и замена термоинтерфейса. Использование материалов, их копирование и распространение без разрешения правообладателя преследуется по законам РФ. По вопросам обращайтесь на. Все материалы, размещенные на данном сайте, являются интеллектуальной собственностью СЦ DiagService. Linux, an open-source system developed over the years by thousands of volunteers, is free.

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Still, Linux has its advantages (especially for people who loathe Microsoft) and, despite its übergeek command-line roots, Linux now comes in easy-to-use versions designed especially for netbooks. Отключим шлейф клавиатуры, подняв заглушку разъема подключения шлейфа. Click the button for the option you want and make sure the external drive’s name appears in the box. For Vista refugees, coming home to XP is like slipping on a comfy pair of slippers (that don’t demand your password every time you want to adjust their settings).But on the flip side:Cost. But you can take matters into your own ears with the netbook’s 3.5 mm jack for connecting earbuds, headphones, or external speakers.VGA Connector. Click Next when you’re done, and Windows XP gathers it all up.When Windows is done, click Finish.

Identification and Background ¶ Most Acer Aspire One netbook models look the same. To ensure that you have the correct model, locate the model number printed on the bottom of the plastic case. Tom’s guide in the world Germany France Italy Ireland UK Follow Tom’s guide Subscribe to our newsletter add to twitter add to facebook ajouter un flux RSS. That’s for plugging in an external monitor or projector to display the netbook’s stuff on the big screen.Ethernet/Network. Ноутбук без верхней половины корпуса будет выглядеть так Отключим шлейф матрицы. Some netbook models come with slots on the side for plugging in a memory cards from a digital camera, MP3 player, or personal organizer. Batteries are often described by the number of cells they contain. A 3-cell battery provides around 1.5 to 2 hours of power, a 6-cell battery can go up to 4 hours between charges, and some 9-cell batteries can last 7 hours or more. Live and in person is the best way to get a realistic grasp on screen and keyboard size.You may also be able to find netbooks on display in stores like Best Buy, Costco, Staples, and Target.

You summon the F keys by pressing the Fn key in the bottom row, so pressing Fn+A = F1.Punctuation keys may be a third smaller and located in weird spots. Almost all of them are designed to attack Windows computers, so you’ll need to spend time and money implementing security software.Linux excels in the very places Windows XP falters—cost, system size, and general security. Since it doesn’t need all the motorized spinning, a solid-state hard drive consumes much less of your netbook’s battery power, giving you more time between charges.Solid-state drives are more durable. The smaller the netbook, the less it weighs. Отвернем остальные винты по поверхности корпуса, 12 штук. Here’s a quick roundup of the data jacks you’ll find on most netbooks:USB. The humble little Universal Serial Bus is the go-to connector for any type of external hardware except monitors. Снимем клавиатуру, поддев в верхней ее части за край клавиатуры, отодвинув защелки. Type stuff on it. It may still feel a little small and cramped once you leave the alphabet keys, but learning where everything is helps your fingers get used to it.And just keep telling yourself: this netbook weighs three pounds. Отключим провода wi-fiмодуля и отвернем 1 винт его держащий.

That’s why you won’t find heavier or nonessential components like disc drives, large battery compartments, or fancy high-definition video ports.That slimmed-down netbook style doesn’t mean you’re toting around just a screen, keyboard, and wireless chip, though. Вот так она выглядит:А это левый USB порт:Вот так выглядит ноутбук без материнской платы:На этом все. Так что если нет необходимости, то нетбук лучше не разбирать. You’ll have to pay an extra $80 to $100 up front, but having a disc drive not only makes software installation easier, it’s also invaluable in a crisis if your netbook suffers a meltdown and you have to reinstall the operating system from the computer’s recovery discs. You can find power cells for all kinds of netbooks and notebooks .

But buying the netbook is just the beginning. The Function keys (F1, F2, and so on) are instead remapped to other keys. On the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, for example, F1 through F10 piggyback on the A through semicolon keys in the middle of the keyboard. With no moving parts, a solid-state drive is less vulnerable to breaking or crashing if the netbook is dropped, banged, or bumped.Solid-state drives start up faster. Your new desktop background now fills the netbook’s book Battery OptionsA netbook’s battery can last anywhere from two to nine hours between charges, depending on the manufacturer, the battery’s size, and what you’re doing. Снимем панель, закрывающую отсек с wi-fi модулем, отвернув 2 винта. The online superstore sells netbooks, netbook batteries, and extended netbook batteries, especially for ASUS and Acer . Также по 1 винту на петлях с торца ноутбука. What your fingers may complain about at first, your back and shoulder will love. If you enjoyed this excerpt, buy a copy of Netbooks: The Missing Manual. Although it’s tucked inside the machine instead of plugged into the USB port, a solid-state drive works on the same principle.

Your usual options are a regular disk-based hard drive or a solid-state drive, but a combo of the two called a hybrid drive is emerging as well.When deciding what kind of drive to get, take into account where you plan to use your netbook. But you may find a few of these demo apps along for the ride, especially if you go the Windows XP route. Извлекаем аккумулятор нетбука Acer Aspire One KAV60. Отворачиваем 3 винта под аккумулятором. And finally, a constantly spinning hard drive drinks a fair amount of battery juice.Solid-state driveA solid-state drive is a cousin to those ubiquitous flash-memory drives that dangle from key chains. Perhaps a durable solid-state drive would be a better choice. The rationale was that netbooks were too underpowered to run XP’s burly, power-hungry successor, Windows Vista, but people needed an alternative besides nning Windows XP on a netbook has many advantages:Hardware compatibility. Your netbook can rely on the same motorized device that’s been storing stuff on regular desktop and laptop systems for decades. Page of 52 Please, turn your attention 2012-2016 Upload manual Thank you for your help! See that trapezoidal-shaped port with 15 little pinholes on the surface?

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